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More Reasons to Stay Home!

How to Make Your Home Landscape into a Private Haven now...(even during a pandemic!)

Guelph Residential Woodland

Stay Home! … is what we’re advised. We are spending more time at home now than ever before. Naturally, home improvement projects come to mind.  

But should we invest in a landscape project at this time – especially during these daunting days of COVID-19? There’s no better time to make your home your favourite place. Here’s how you can do it affordably! 

The most personal and successful landscapes evolve over time to reflect the wishes and desires of its owner. We may have a wish list – but knowing where to start, how much it will cost, and how much of the work we can do ourselves, are valuable questions to consider at the outset.

It is also important to review priorities… what is the primary function or functions you want for your landscape, for example: 

· a place nestled in nature, perhaps an area of privacy for reading or reflecting  

· a garden you can enjoy or a landscape that will attract birds and insects  

· a place to entertain or have family gatherings, or an environment that invites children to

explore and play

Adding trees and shrubs does not have to be expensive and can create a visible or dramatic effect in your outdoor space. A simple change of grades from flat to contoured is another inexpensive way to bring about a new ambience.  

At Urban Cottage Landscapes, we welcome homeowners’ involvement in their landscaping projects and encourage a plan that focuses on adding features in stages over several years. 

Installing in phases – over time – spreads out the cost of what might otherwise seem like an intimidating upfront financial commitment. 

Some of the folks we have worked with have expressed how this idea of creating their landscape over time worked in their favour. As they began using their newly created outdoor space, their vision of what they wanted shifted and they had an opportunity to alter course and modify their design plan before everything was completed.

Think about how you might like your backyard (or front or side yard) to look and feel. And rather than feeling overwhelmed, remember that you can break it down into smaller pieces and prioritize those that feel most important to you. One step at a time is a good approach to many things in life and your outdoor space is no exception!

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