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Urban Cottage Landscapes™

Many of us go to great lengths to be out in nature, maybe staying in a cabin or visiting the cottage. It's a powerful magnet that pulls us from our city homes to a place where we feel more connected. Time with friends and family or time by ourselves feels extra special in nature's company.

With Urban Cottage Landscapes as your design consultant, your home becomes your cottage!

We do this by blurring the line between what we create and what is "natural". We design and build with nature.

Too often, plants, especially trees and shrubs, are pushed to the edges of the backyard–right against the fence. The deck is built next to the house where you can look out at the plants and trees. We like to invite nature in a bit closer to share our space with us.

Our goal is to re-introduce the sights and sounds of the cottage and avoid having patios and decks become the dominant features of your outdoor space. This creates a feeling of connection just as you would feel when visiting a place in nature. Read about the benefits of Urban Cottage Landscapes™.

Martin Ford, designer and co-founder, has a passion for trees. He is a 3rd generation Horticulturalist from Wales, UK. He has worked as a Landscape Architect in the Planning Department of the City of Kitchener, ON and taught Arboriculture and Landscape Management at the University of Guelph, ON. Get to know Martin.

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