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Build the Natural Landscape Yourself.

We encourage homeowners to get their hands dirty. Creating your space hands-on is incredibly rewarding and even educational.


By following our design you can build everything yourself.  In this situation we can serve as consultants, helping you choose plants, trees, stone, water features, and lighting for your space. We can also help you find quality plants and building materials.


The other option is to supplement your time into our work. Some homeowners want to help with the installation, but don’t want to take on the entire project. For example, they might want to do the planting themselves. Others have experience woodworking and would like to help. We welcome any way you can contribute to the process. It’s a great way to cut costs, get some sun, and add to your understanding of landscaping and horticulture.

If you’d like to help while our staff is on-site be sure to wear steel-toed safety boots.  


We ask all new clients to complete a pre-meeting survey

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