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Meet Martin Ford, Designer and Co-Founder of Urban Cottage Landscapes™. 

Martin has a wide range of experience with horticulture in Canada, Britain, Greece, Brazil, and Costa Rica.

He prides himself on Pocket Woodlands® designs which use a system of planting trees that honours how they live in their natural environment.

It is a system that mimics how trees and shrubs want to live in circumstances that resemble their natural setting. It follows the cottage metaphor that so many North Americans love - and it's a process that can evolve over time.

Martin's ideas on landscape design perplex the most educated professionals. Using his deep understanding of the land and natural intuition, he creates landscapes that draw people’s attention. Learn more about Pocket Woodlands® designs

"We try to share this understanding with all our clients at the very start as it incorporates all the philosophies we stand by at Urban Cottage Landscapes™."

Judy and Martin Founders Cottage Landsca
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