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Is my city yard too small for a Cottage Landscape?

No such thing, we can create a cottage effect in any size of space! Our designs give you a living, breathing backyard (or front yard or side yard) that connects you to nature and feels like home. 

How much does a Backyard Cottage Landscape cost?

You can budget your Cottage Landscape to start at $2,000 (stonework & water features may be additional).

How much Maintenance does this require?

Maintenance is minimal. We place loose mulch over the soil surface to reduce weeds. This makes weed removal easy. Tree canopies and shrub growth also help prevent most weeds.  Picking weeds in the spring and fall will remove plants before they become too large.

I like the cottage, but not enough to turn my home into a forest, is this right for me?

We will turn the picture you have of your perfect space into reality.  Cottage landscapes come in many forms; our designs are tailored to your wants, needs, and budget. You can experience comfortable privacy within nature, right at home, without driving anywhere!  Start small, then add more at a later time, if you wish.

I don't know much about trees and plants, is this right for me?

Don't worry! We walk you through the whole process until you feel comfortable.  We would love to offer everyone the opportunity to have their own personal Urban Cottage Landscape.  Our designs focus on tree health and longevity and your primary and essential responsibility will be watering.

How long do I have to wait for maturity?

Shrubs and groundcovers mature very quickly (2-3 years). The trees we plant range in height from 8-10 feet at planting to very young 2 year old trees. We include succession planting to provide immediate height as well as plants which will grow to a height of 10-20 feet in 5-10 years, depending on variety. 


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