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Creating Your Natural Landscape

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Phase 1

Non-Living Elements


All non-living elements are installed in Stage One. This includes the construction of planting beds, the preparation of soil, and the addition of rockery or other non-living elements.

Phase 1- Non-Living Elements

All non-living elements are installed in Phase One. This includes:

  • construction of planting beds

  • preparation of soil  

  • addition of rockery, or other non-living elements

  • hardscape elements such as pathways and patios, if desired

Stone Waterfall.jpeg

Phase 2 - Living Elements

All living elements are installed during Phase Two.

This includes:

  • trees, shrubs, and perennials

  • mulch

During this phase, we may also include a simple

irrigation system, if requested, to further minimize maintenance.

We plant during the months of March-June and again in September-November. The transition to your garden is less traumatic for trees and shrubs during these times.

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Our three priorities for your design include:

  1. Plant Health - Caring for plants begins with caring for their roots:

  • loose soil in our raised beds is easy for plant roots to rapidly grow through.
  • plant roots need oxygen. Airy soil enables them to flourish.

  • with traditional planting, trees are planted alone and in poor soil so their roots often bake in summer heat. Trees and shrubs share the cooling of each others' roots when planted together.

 2. Visual Interest - People enjoy spaces they can project their imagination into:

  • new patterns are found in the dappled light and shadows of trees, shrubs, branches and leaves 
  • curved lines and varying grades take us back to nature and what we experience at the cottage   
  • no matter the season, there is a unique landscape that is visually interesting and ever-changing 

3. Evolving your Home - We encourage homeowners to implement their design plan over time, not all at once, in order to:

  • make the transition easier on the plants
  • ease the burden for home owners, both financially and in their ability to participate in an evolving and personal garden 
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