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Pocket Woodland® designs


Pocket Woodland designs® include communities of healthy trees and natural features tailored for your enjoyment. They work in any size or space and offer an immediate natural effect.

Typically, trees are planted alone at ground-level. Their roots bake under the sun and struggle to push through compacted city dirt.

Planting trees together on mounds of soil is optimal. This is a key feature of all Pocket Woodlands® designs.

Healthy roots, healthy trees. Healthy trees, healthy cities

Pocket Woodland® designs include trees planted together
on raised soil mounds,

a key factor in their incredible success.

The rich airy soil makes it easy for tree roots to grow in the early years.
The intertwining canopies shade the roots, keeping them cool. 

Every Pocket Woodland® entity is individually designed and will look different from site to site but each design will share several key elements:

  • Fast growing trees which provide an immediate effect in your garden and additionally act as the    'nurse' trees for younger trees​

  • Slower growing saplings which naturally take longer to mature, becoming a lasting presence 

  • Mounds of rich, organic soil as a planting bed to enable rapid root growth for healthy trees. Our focus is on healthy roots which lays the foundation for healthy plants and trees

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