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Value Added - Tree Improved!

We're steadily heading through the Top 20 list of how trees add value to our lives and to our homes. This next blog hits close to home; in fact, it is about home! As one of the most expensive purchases we make, we want to safeguard or, better yet, improve the value of our home, so this information is particularly useful.

Depending on location, age, lot size, and quality of construction, there are few ways to increase a home's value by 15% - 20% without landscaping or remodelling. Mature trees, as part of a city area, increase the values of neighbourhoods as they become one of the primary features stating that a neighbourhood is a well maintained, stable, and desirable place to live.

The scale of a mature tree’s physical canopy adds depth to a city-scape as well as imparting a sense of history. In the past, trees were planted about 20 ft to 30 ft apart to allow for canopy spread, but in so doing, the young trees were isolated and did not benefit from the close proximity they would normally have when growing in natural conditions. Now we know that trees benefit from being planted close together, at 10 ft apart or less. This planting method encourages young trees to extend their crowns and to become tall quickly, achieving the mature look we seek. We give a tree the status of ‘mature’ once it reaches 3 times our height (15ft to 20ft) and forms a canopy under which we can walk or sit. Depending on the type of trees that are planted, young trees can look mature much sooner than expected, in only 10 to 20 years. This rapid growth is dependent on the newly planted root system finding healthy soil in which to extend and also, most importantly, that the subsoil is able to freely drain.

Consider a little homework when thinking about which trees will thrive best on your property. Oak and magnolia do best in slightly more acidic soil, while others like willows and alder require more moisture. Regardless of the decision, trees add beauty, shade in summer, protection from winter wind, noise abatement, and privacy; all aspects that can only add to the value of one of the most important assets you own.


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