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Landscape Design 

Martin is a third generation Horticulturist and former University of Guelph instructor from Wales, UK.

His ideas on landscape design perplex the most educated professionals. Using his deep understanding of the land and natural intuition Martin creates landscapes that draw people’s attention.

Meet Martin Ford - Our Designer

We seek to replicate the “full” feeling of the cottage,  without turning your home into an National Park.


It sounds challenging, but one refrain breaks it down: Designing with Nature


Too often, the garden is pushed to the edges of the backyard - right against the fence. The deck is built next to the house where you can look out at the plants and the trees. This creates a sense of separation or disconnect.

Our goal is to re-introduce the sights and sounds of the cottage and avoid having patios and decks become the dominant features of your garden space. This creates the feeling of oneness you would feel Up-North.

How we Design Natural Landscapes 

Design my Urban Cottage

We ask all new clients to complete a pre-meeting survey

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