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Cottage Landscaping in Guelph Backyard
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Bringing the cottage home™.

Landscapes inspired by nature.
Guelph landscapers you can trust.


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Urban Cottage Landscapes™ reconnects you with nature by creating a naturally inspired landscape.

30 min. Consultation!

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Pocket Woodlands®

1. Immediate Presence

2. Natural and Healthy

We Begin with Design

The foundation of our design is a focus on what makes plants healthy

and grow successfully. Our Guelph landscaping company is ready to help.

Pocket Woodlands® designs include groups of shrubs and trees planted on a raised bed or berm. This promotes rapid root establishment and plant health. Our designs are inspired by nature and mimic the way plants and trees live side by side in a natural setting.

An added Benefit is less maintenance so you'll have more time to enjoy your surroundings. Learn More...

Pocket Landscapes® designs fit city homes and budgets of all sizes. Our designs are inspired by nature  and often include elements of the cottage environment such as natural curves, rocks, water features, and native plants.

What is our relationship with trees and how can they help us?

Trees naturally filter the air we breathe, providing a cleaner, fresher air space around our home.

They foster a sense of connection and create an ideal meeting place where we can spend time with others or perhaps enjoy some solitude.


Pocket Woodlands® designs  incorporate cooling shade, dappled light, an overall sense of peace and contentment–a place amidst nature, all within your home in the city!

More and more studies point to the health benefits of trees–mental, emotional and physical. And there is a host of OTHER BENEFITS trees offer us. 

At the cottage, at home–in the city!

Imagine trees and the natural cottage environment at home, in the city ...the clean feeling of the air as you breathe deeply, a sense of joy and well-being as you look around your home in nature–in the city.

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BRINGING THE COTTAGE TO Guelph-Wellington, KW, Cambridge, Oakville, and Hamilton.

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